For the centenary celebrations of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, at the headquarters of UNESCO in Paris, His Majesty the Prince Albert II, was the honoured guest and was awarded with the status of Member of Honour, and so he gave a speech.

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco

Speech about the Ocean

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United Nations General Assembly - 24 Sept. 2019

The Principality's climate commitments

The Government of Monaco is committed to achieving carbon neutrality and is devoting the appropriate resources to it, Prince Albert II informed the United Nations General Assembly. In his speech, the Sovereign also emphasised the role of forests and, even more so, the role of the ocean. Monaco “has historically made the choice of supporting science”, he added.

Climate change and the collapse of biodiversity, which are far from being isolated crises, are two alarming symptoms of the Anthropocene era and require a synergistic response.

- Paris, UNESCO headquarters - 29 July 2019

Centenary of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics

The imperative need to protect the ocean is upon us, following on from the time of discovery and knowledge of the seas, which was incidentally the time of my great-grandfather.

Monaco strives to follow in his footsteps and to develop his legacy by passing on his message loud and clear.

Through their very own initiatives, like suggesting that partners widen the scope of their own actions, the Principality aims to be a “voice of the ocean”…

- Monaco Blue Initiative, 25 March 2019

Opening of MBI #10

There is a quotation from the great historian Jules Michelet that often comes to my mind when I am at the Oceanographic Museum, here on the shores of the Mediterranean.

“All geography should begin with the sea.”

We also know that all history should begin with the sea, as we know that we are born from the ocean and that our civilisations rose from that same sea.

All economy, however, also begins with the sea, to an increasing extent.

I am sure that it will also be increasingly the case that all politics, all morals and all philosophy will begin with the sea.

- Monaco, Oceanographic Museum, 16 April 2019

Meeting of the Europen Oceanography Centres

I think there needs to be, as you were saying, a clearer understanding by the general public [as a response to questions about ocean science]. People love stories and love storytelling, and if we can change that focus in a different way of telling the story, a more engaging way of telling the story, I think that will certainly be helpful.


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- New York, UN headquarters, June 2017

Speech on the Sustainable Development Objectives for the Ocean

At a time when the international community is becoming aware of the plight of the oceans and has outlined the principle of an essential collective responsibility, I cannot help but think of this phrase from Aristotle that we all know well: “There are 3 sorts of people, those who are alive, those who are dead, and those who are at sea”. This citation summarises the idea of our seas which have for too long seemingly escaped the general laws of Humanity.

- Marrakesh, 12 November 2016

COP 22 Conference - Marrakesh

Since the world is now ready to start thinking of the seas, of inventing a new way to live in harmony together, it is our duty to offer practical, useful and effective solutions, which alone will help to protect them, and to protect their essential ability of mitigating climate change.


Speech by HSH the Prince Albert II of Monaco, for the 74th edition of the Marine Environment Protection Committee, London – 13-17 May 2019, International Maritime Organisation.

Speech by HSH the Prince Albert II of Monaco, to the General Manager of UNESCO for the First Global Planning Meeting in preparation for the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development