More than 100 years after openings its doors for the first time, the Oceanographic Museum de Monaco can really count on the support from its Friends today. 

As a symbol of their involvement and commitment to the values of this hundred-year-old institution, they created an association with the goal of promoting the Museum, encouraging the work they do for the oceans and helping them put their plans into action.


The Friends of the Oceanographic Museum de Monaco Association (AAMOM)

The main goal of the AAMOM is to attract members who wish to:

  • Develop and promote the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, which participates in giving Monaco its identity and prestige across the world,
  • Support the work done by the Museum and the Oceanographic Institute, both on a national and international scale, to encourage the actions carried out for the marine world in terms of knowledge and the protection of the oceans.


From “Volunteer” to “Lifetime Benefactor”, there are four possibilities for those who wish to get involved and give their time or finances to the Museum.

By way of thanks, these “Friends” are given various advantages depending on their contribution, such as unlimited access to the Museum, VIP invitations to exhibitions, events and conferences or exclusive behind-the-scenes tours.

The Friends of the Oceanographic Museum Association will be delighted to welcome you, share their passion and proudly support the union between Art and Science.

AT THE HEART OF THE MUSEUM and across the globe

Thanks to the 675,000 visitors per year, an international reputation and their involvement in protecting the world’s oceans, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco is still one of the main attractions in the Principality.

This association was founded thanks to the donors, who share the values and give meaning to the work carried out: this also helps in that it enables shared networks and knowledge which in turn bring strength and purpose to the table.

The AAMOM enables the Museum to benefit from the skills of its members, each one committed to promoting the Museum and the Institute as a whole.

The Association is open to the world: the members of the Board alone represent more than 10 different nationalities. This is an advantage and could be an opportunity to develop support and donations from all over the world.


I am delighted with the initiative of creating the Friends of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco Association.

The Oceanographic Museum needs an association which brings together people from very different backgrounds, to encourage dynamism and bring key support to this establishment. In order to fulfill our outreach mission, we need as many people to get involved as possible.

I would like this Association, of which I am Honorary Chairman, to give all those who share our love for the oceans, the opportunity to contribute to the promotion of our Museum and therefore to share the commitment of the Principality of Monaco.”


Are you passionate about the oceans and protecting the environment? Another way to bring your support to the Museum is to donatesome of your precious time, energy or knowledge, and in return experience something unique: the Museum from behind the scenes!

To apply to be a volunteer for regular work or just from time-to-time, please fill in the form which can be downloaded below. We will be delighted to welcome you and share our passion for the oceans with you.

Send your application and cover letter to
the Friends of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco Association
Avenue Saint Martin – MC 98000 MONACO or email us at

For any further information, call us on +336 43 91 15 38.

Do you want to find out more? Go to the Friends of the Museum Association website!

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