European Week for Waste Reduction 2019

visitors to the Museum made their own contribution

the Principality of Monaco committed

Looking back on the action taken during this week devoted to reducing waste, from 16 to 24 November 2019: the Museum organised workshops to encourage younger visitors to produce less waste and also to get into the right habits in terms of sorting their waste.

The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco also took the opportunity to raise awareness of the fight against sea pollution!

This convivial and fun campaign was centred on 3 events: a waste sorting workshop, the “partying without balloons” stand and “mission pollution”, during which children and their parents could brush up on their knowledge of waste and pollution.

Selective sorting workshop

“Sort, Play and Win”. With the help of the recycling bins (plastic, glass, cardboard, fabric, batteries, etc.) provided on the Museum’s forecourt, children learned which bins should be used for which type of waste.

Then, the young participants took a quiz on waste sorting and received their “Super Sorter” certificates.


The “Party Without Balloons” stand features educational activities to explain to younger children the consequences that releasing balloons has on the marine environment, including on sea turtles.

This initiative is design to raise awareness, inform and work with visitors to find alternatives to releasing balloons that are more environmentally friendly.


The “Mission Pollution” workshop introduced younger children to the fight against pollution in the sea. Where does this plastic come from? How does it affect sea animals and what are some practical solutions for stopping the problem?