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Fluorescent Coral – Level 0 (Ground floor)

Incredible! Some corals are capable of producing light! What’s their secret? A protein which can absorb blue light and transform it into another colour… 

Everyone can see the magic thanks to this new pool where the corals shine brightly in a magical nocturnal environment.

A mysterious power

We sometimes make the mistake in thinking coral is a plant. It is in fact an animal species. It is often overlooked because it is discreet and static, but it covers the sea bed and gives an elegant decoration to this silent world, as well as providing a natural habitat for micro-algae.

Some types of coral have a magical power and can produce mysterious lights… Many coral species in fact have this surprising power to produce a fluorescent light, offering a spectacular polychrome habitat for the surrounding fauna.

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Together with their partners, the Musée Océanographique have managed to create a rare environment. Thanks to them, everyone can now discover and enjoy this almost unrealistic panel of colours.

This new space to discover has a tropical 5,000-liter pool, lit up by special lights which emit some surprising colours. People of all ages will have the opportunity to take part in a night-time diving session, without even getting wet, to discover the fluorescent corals!

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Find out more

The more inquisitive among you can find out more by learning about the scientific names of the corals found in this exceptional place: Pink Montipora, Blastomusa, Briareum, Galaxea and Echinopora. They are highlighted as if they were the crown jewels thanks to their transparent setting, they mainly come from the Indo-Pacific Basin and present some really surprising shades with a captivating power.

The installation of this new pool was made possible thanks to the support from the Centre Scientifique de Monaco (an independant public organisation in Monaco, created in 1960 by Prince Rainier III, used as a reference in the study of the operation of tropical and Mediterranean coral coastline ecosystems), also thanks to Beuchat diving equipment, Nippura Ltd aquarium manufacturer and Alpheus lighting systems.

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