Monaco and the ocean

Are you interested in the future of the ocean and its protection? Do you want to know more about the threats it is faced with? 

Thanks to the commitment shown by the Princes of Monaco for increasing awareness and the protection of the ocean, this new area can show you what it’s like to be an explorer for a day in this brand-new experience. So, are you ready to save the ocean?

An immersive digital experience

The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco has completely refurbished one part of the building to offer you this brand-new experience. 

Inside a replica of a 27-metre-long vessel, this new area covers over one hundred years of history to take you on a voyage through time, alongside the passionate monarchs, fully-aware of the great issues at stake of their time. 

This exploratory and highly personal tour will take you through the history of a very special relationship with the ocean: that of three men, three destinies, between the past, the present and the future which is waiting to be met.

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In the footsteps of three princes…

The tour begins with Prince Albert I, known as the “Prince of the Seas”, thanks to his 28 oceanography explorations between 1885 and 1915, from Cape Verde to the Arctic. It follows on with Prince Rainier III, lover and defender of the Mediterranean, who was joined by Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Director of the Oceanographic Museum de Monaco for over thirty years.

At the beginning of the 21st century, a new chapter began with the work and commitment of His Majesty Prince Albert II. Visitors will discover the issues faced today for the protection of the ocean.

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Increase awareness, convince people and get them involved

Dive into the discovery of the ocean in an exceptional sharing environment. Here, new technology is used to reveal the history and the heritage and scientific collections of this hundred-year-old establishment, all with a perfect blend of the real and the virtual.

This exploratory tour will help visitors become aware of the issues and convince them to get involved. It is full of surprises and twists and turns to make visitors think, awaken the senses and attract the attention of the public who play a part in the tour, before deciding to play a part in the protection of the ocean themselves.

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Get involved as part of a unique visit…

Optical theatre, LCD screens, interactive whiteboards and tactile screens are used to portray ancient
films, maps and collector’s items, some of them displayed to the public for the
first time. These multimedia
devices showcase the objects perfectly while taking advantage of digital technology. They are designed to stimulate the brain, awaken the senses and plunge the
visitor into history, making them believe its their own. Throughout the tour, there are also
simulations and collaborative games so that up to twenty
people can work together on the current issues facing the ocean.

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