Dive into the Mediterranean

Mediterranean Zone

The sea “in the midst of land”: that’s the meaning of the name Mediterranean, a sea which is almost completely enclosed, stuck between three continents. This geographical location, the isolation and a long history with human activity mean that it has become fragile. The waves of the Mediterranean wash over the rocks just a few metres from the Museum. Even if it appears to be so close and familiar, the Mediterranean still holds mysteries. The Museum aquariums have chosen to honour this sea, for an unforgettable experience to discover the wonderful species found here

Modernised aquariums

The Mediterranean has a whole section of its own in the Museum, representing the significant part it plays in the life of all Europeans. It is a rich, bright and colourful habitat which alone, accounts for 7.5% of global marine fauna and 18% of the flora.

You don’t need diving equipment to be able to explore the splendours of these specially designed, modern aquariums. The tour is fun and educational, designed for all ages and will take you on an emotional journey.


The Deep Blue Sea is hiding a whole host of unsuspected treasures within this rich, precious and at the same time, fragile natural environment.
To discover it and increase awareness for its protection, the Museum Aquarium has 100 of the 650 fish species living in the Mediterranean and more than 200 species of invertebrates.
From the Posidonia seagrass which flourishes just under the surface, to the coralligenous which falls right down to the deep sea bed, the breath-taking beauty of these hidden treasures of the sea are revealed, in a bluish atmosphere which keeps the mystery alive.

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Cigale de mer


This sea has many mysteries to unveil. Some of them are revealed as we visit the aquariums. We learn that some fish change sex during their lifetime, or that the octopus can instantly imitate the colour of its surroundings.

In the Mediterranean Sea there are also protected species such as the slipper lobster, the Pinna nobilis or the dusky perch. Finally, to really feel like you have dived into the Mediterranean, large photographs and huge sculptures of sea animals are put on display.

Dive into the Deep Blue Sea and do your part to protect it!

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