The artist Huang Yong Ping, who imagined and designed the work “Wu Zei” for the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, left us on October 20, 2019. Chinese-born artist Huang Yong Ping, known for his monumental works, installed a giant octopus with a wingspan of approximately 25 metres, specially created to take its place in the museum’s main hall for the centenary. The work presented for almost two years has left its mark on the minds of visitors. Through this sculpture, the artist wanted to make the public think about the maritime catastrophes caused by man and the critical state of our oceans.

This work has made it possible to honour the initial desire of Prince Albert I, its founder: “To unite in a single radiance the two guiding forces of civilisation: Art and Science.

Musée océanographique - photo de Huang Yong Ping