Do you like it? Do you think you know it? It is threatened.

From 18 November 2010 to 8 April 2013, our visitors got the chance to discover the beauty and richness of the Mediterranean and take action to ensure it remains a living sea.

It represents only 0.8% of the area of the world’s oceans, but is brimming with sometimes unsuspected treasures. The gorgeous but fragile Mediterranean is a source of fascination and the theatre for many an exploration.

For the general public, however, it is difficult to comprehend the extraordinary wealth of this ”landlocked sea” stretching over a vast expanse of 2.5 million km² between Europe, Africa and Asia.

With this exhibition, the Oceanographic Museum is raising the curtain on the splendors of the wide blue ocean and the challenges it is currently facing.

From the proliferation of jellyfish to the acidification of the oceans, via overfishing of red tuna, all topical issues have been address in interviews, films, or remarkable collector’s items.

The highlight of the show is a ballet of Aurelia aurita jellyfish. Enchanting!

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