The Odyssey of Sea Turtles - The exhibition

From their appearance on earth millions of years ago to the threats to their existence, from the magic of egg-laying to the actions taken to preserve them, the great adventure of marine turtles is told at the Oceanographic Museum in the brand new exhibition The Sea Turtle Odyssey.

Echoing the visit to the brand new space presenting the turtles of the Monegasque Care Centre, the exhibition familiarises us with the history of this fascinating and mysterious animal. Among other things, it allows us to understand that if we are potentially on the verge of extinction because of our daily practices, both individual and collective, each of us is also part of the solution for their conservation.

The Oceanographic Institute, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Explorations de Monaco and all the partner organisations are mobilising for the turtles through their actions without borders, and invite you to participate actively in their protection.
To be seen before the beginning of January 2020!

Survivors from the dinosaur era

With 150 million years of existence, sea turtles have already survived a massive extinction crisis that saw the disappearance of dinosaurs and many reptiles. This module allows you to discover the remains of some of the ancestors of today’s marine turtles, and in particular the reconstruction of a 66 million year old Archelon fossil, measuring 5m by 2m50!

a small family

As one of the oldest animals on our planet, sea turtles have spent millions of years adapting to become the animals we know today. Only seven different species of sea turtles still frequent our oceans. From the shallow seagrass beds of the Indian Ocean to the colourful reefs of the Coral Triangle, from the white sandy beaches of the Pacific to the shores of the Mediterranean, discover the incredible odyssey that these extraordinary animals still live.

Serial killers

After surviving many natural hazards, marine turtles are now threatened by humans at all stages of their development despite their protected status. Their formidable odyssey has become a real obstacle course, on land and at sea, as they know no borders. This module looks at the obstacles that litter their itinerary, such as coastal occupation, poaching, the impact of fishing, pollution, plastic waste, etc.

Monaco, a haven for turtles

At the instigation of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, spokesman for the cause of the oceans in international bodies, Monegasque players are joining forces to protect marine turtles… Discover through this exhibition the numerous actions carried out by the Principality aimed at the general public, decision-makers and those working in the field

We are the solution

At the Museum, you can now make an individual commitment to the turtles in an original way and make it public immediately!

At the end of the tour, when the threats to the turtles are obvious, as well as the fact that each of us is part of the problem, we invite everyone to get involved to become part of the solution! 6 commitments for simple daily gestures that participate, in a way, to a common work: each photo taken composes a mosaic illustrating a sea turtle…

At the Oceanographic Institute, we believe in the power of the individual and the impact he or she can have in their daily choices!

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