by coral guardian

local communities at the bedside of the coral reefs

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In 2020 – 2021, the Oceanographic Museum will wear the colours of the coral: awareness-raising activities, publication of books, exhibitions, etc. A thematic path specially dedicated to this fascinating animal is proposed throughout your visit of the Museum: the exhibition “CORAIL” of Coral Guardian and the photographer and marine biologist Martin Colognoli is part of it and invites you to discover the fragile universe of the coral reefs through the story of traditional Indonesian fishermen who protect and restore this ecosystem, on which they closely depend to live.

an exhibition on the link between man and coral

The Institute of Oceanography has a long history of working for the preservation of coral reefs. We are also honouring the organisations that are also working in this direction. The photographic exhibition “CORAIL” of the NGO Coral Guardian and the photographer Martin Colognoli allows us to discover the surprising and sensitive relationship that has been created between local communities and their coral reefs, particularly in terms of repairing the environment and ensuring its proper management. You will dive into the fragile world of coral reefs, highlighting the harmony between humans and nature: a message that is both urgent and full of hope, to discover and support!

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