Going beyond misunderstandings

A sensational exhibition about sharks

From 2013 to 2017, the Oceanographic Museum offered its visitors a sensory exhibition to meet the sharks: Sharks, the Sensory Exhibition.

Through this new experience, a large audience was able to overcome their prejudices and discover the true nature of these sea lords.

This exhibition is no longer on display at the Oceanographic Museum. But you will still be able to meet sharks and find a lot of information about these essential species. Take advantage of our website to learn more about them and our actions for their conservation.

Why an exhibition about sharks?

In our imagination, the shark is often limited to a succession of frightening images, a heavy legacy of Hollywood thrillers.

By offering an exhibition on this theme, the Museum has helped many visitors overcome this bad reputation.

Far less deadly than jellyfish (50), mosquitoes (800,000) or road accidents (1.2 million), sharks kill less than 10 people per year.

Essential to the health of ecosystems, these large predators are now threatened. Every year, more than 100 million sharks are killed by humans.

To raise public awareness of their protection, the Oceanographic Museum has chosen this animal as one of its thematic focuses, notably through this exhibition.

Requins Expo

A caressing pool to apprehend one's fears

With this innovative attraction, visitors were invited to overcome their apprehensions by putting their hands in a special pool that allowed them to brush against real sharks.

Certainly not great white sharks, but these species, however small they may be (pyjamas sharks in particular…), have allowed many visitors to change their attitude and beliefs towards this animal.

An interactive fresco to deepen your knowledge

The gigantic digital fresco, 20 m long and 3 m high, revealed (thanks to a system of interactive mats) the characteristics of a dozen species of sharks, represented on a real scale.

Expo Requins
Fresque interactive Requins

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