A summer at the Oceanographic Museum

Monaco, 13 December 2020

/ 05/07/2021

During the  summer holidays, take advantage of a special offer for any visit before 11am or after 5pm. Discover the secrets of the coral in a thematic tour in 6 stages, dive on the Great Barrier Reef with the digital and interactive exhibition “IMMERSION”, solve the enigmas of our Escape Game… and many other highlights to discover!

SPECIAL OFFER: From July 3rd to August 29th, get 20% discount on adult and child tickets purchased on oceano.org for an entry before 11am or after 5pm.

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1rst world:

birth of dwarf hatchet fish in aquarium

our experts at L'AQUARIUM are pleased to announce the first Aquarium Birth of Dwarf Hatchetfish
Parapriacanthus ransonneti


Subjugués par la beauté d’un banc de poissons hachette nains lors d’une visite au Japon, les aquariologistes du Musée océanographique, d’Océanopolis et de Marineland se sont lancé un défi en passe d’être relevé : créer un banc de ces mystérieux poissons, à partir de larves élevées à l’aquarium. A Monaco, après seulement quelques semaines d’acclimatation, les géniteurs fraîchement arrivés du Japon ont commencé à pondre. Les larves récupérées avec patience et minutie ont ensuite grandi sous le regard émerveillé des soigneurs. 


Cette démarche exprime également l’importance d’une démarche responsable pour l’Institut océanographique vis-à-vis du milieu marin : avec cette reproduction en aquarium, les experts du Musée océanographique vont directement contribuer à la diminution de la pression de pêche sur cette espèce en milieu naturel !


La création d’un banc entier va demander du temps et beaucoup de travail mais ce qui était un rêve il y a un an est en train de prendre forme sous nos yeux ! Rendez vous dans quelques mois à Monaco pour découvrir ces merveilleux poissons et leurs mouvements somptueux lorsqu’ils forment un banc.

For a deconfinement of minds

Monaco, 13 December 2020

/ 13/12/2020

The closure of cultural venues and their major roles in our society and economy is more topical than ever. This Tribune explains the importance of the dialogue between Science and Culture to build the world of tomorrow. This is not just a question of economic activity; it is our openness and resilience in the face of the current crisis and in inventing the future that is at stake.

It istime to oppose the rebound of the epidemic and the economic crisis with a rebound of enthusiasm and imagination. Along with the economy, it is curiosity, discovery and creativity that must be revived so that we emerge stronger, better able to face the major environmental and social challenges.

To deconcentrate minds and rekindle the imagination, to take up the planetary challenges and prepare a more livable and exciting future, we are responding, because there is no future without Nature, nor a future without Culture.

A Tribune initiated by the Oceanographic Institute, published in the Journal du Dimanche, whose first signatory is H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, joined by 32 other international signatories from the worlds of science and culture: Laurent Ballesta, Charles Berling, Stéphane Bern, Sandra Bessudo, Robert Calcagno, Jean Chambaz, Xavier Darcos, Bruno David, Peter Herzig, François Houllier, Alexis Jenni, Murielle Mayette, Erik Orsenna, Vladimir Ryabinin, Enric Sala, Philippe Taquet, Valérie Verdier…

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"Seasickness and the anomalies of life on board manage to bring the distances closer together. »

Experience a journey through time and space aboard the Princess Alice II

It is in the famous boat of Prince Albert I that your explorer’s soul will have to be awakened to fulfill the mission that will be entrusted to you!

Whether you are seasoned sailors or young sailors, a race against time awaits you!

A total immersion

In a setting inspired by the marine world (collections, laboratory tools and fittings) designed in collaboration with IRIS Game and thanks to an immersive scenography created by Camille Renversade, live an incredible experience.


from 7 years old


from 3 to 6 players


30 or 60 minutes


adventure and discovery


beginner and advanced

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The Covid 19 pandemic invites us to rethink our relationship with the environment
and the ocean.

On September 23rd, “L’Obs” and the Oceanographic Institute invite you to an exceptional meeting with experts, great witnesses, innovators…

– Conference in French –

This meeting is part of the “2049” cycle of “L’Obs”.

watch the live stream :


Opening by Robert Calcagno

Health of the Ocean, health of Man

The health of the Ocean is intimately linked to that of Man.

Will the marine world provide us with the cures of tomorrow?

Meetings with P. Rampal (CSM) and F. Houllier (Ifremer)

Moderated by the Oceanographic Institute

The look of Ghislain Bardout (Under the pole)

The diver and naturalist shares his experience during the “Under the Pole III” expedition and the monitoring of the effects of containment.

Round Table: Preserving a healthy and living Ocean

Marine protected areas, fisheries, coastal development, urban planning, tourism… an overview of sustainable solutions for the Mediterranean in 2049.

Two speakers:
Joachim Claudet (CRIOBE)
Lucile Courtial (BeMed)
Moderation: L’Obs.

The startup pitch

Three innovative entrepreneurs present their innovations for the future of the Mediterranean.
Mathieu Coulange (Assistance publique Hôpitaux de Marseille), Gilles Lecaillon (Ecocean),
Franck Zal (Hemarina)

understanding climate change with the help of Albert ier

Diving into weather records

A special visit

On August 27, 2019, the Oceanographic Museum hosted Professor Rob Allan.

Head of the ACRE project: “Atmospheric Circulation Reconstructions over the Earth”, Prof. Dr. K. K. K. K. Allan came to the museum to see the logbooks of Prince Albert I’s ships, dating from 1873 to 1922, as well as the meteorological records taken at the museum between 1911 and 1970. These documents contain valuable meteorological data that constitute a rich source of information for the study of climate change, which is the focus of the ACRE project.

Professor Allan's visit is a testament to the interest that Prince Albert I's work still represents today.

This visit is in line with the events organised by the Committee to commemorate the death of Prince Albert I, and with the perspective of a broader partnership between the Oceanographic Institute and the ACRE project, which focuses on the study of major climate changes on a global scale.

Page de couverture de l’un des journaux de bord de l’Hirondelle (1884-1887), premier navire de campagnes océanographiques menées par le Prince Albert Ier.

more about the acre

This international initiative retrieves global terrestrial and marine weather data. This is to support the 3D weather reconstructions over the last 200-250 years. This will allow us to observe and analyze climate impacts worldwide. All weather data is directly available for free on the ACRE website.

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by coral guardian

local communities at the bedside of the coral reefs

Logo Coral Guardian Blanc

In 2020 – 2021, the Oceanographic Museum will wear the colours of the coral: awareness-raising activities, publication of books, exhibitions, etc. A thematic path specially dedicated to this fascinating animal is proposed throughout your visit of the Museum: the exhibition “CORAIL” of Coral Guardian and the photographer and marine biologist Martin Colognoli is part of it and invites you to discover the fragile universe of the coral reefs through the story of traditional Indonesian fishermen who protect and restore this ecosystem, on which they closely depend to live.

an exhibition on the link between man and coral

The Institute of Oceanography has a long history of working for the preservation of coral reefs. We are also honouring the organisations that are also working in this direction. The photographic exhibition “CORAIL” of the NGO Coral Guardian and the photographer Martin Colognoli allows us to discover the surprising and sensitive relationship that has been created between local communities and their coral reefs, particularly in terms of repairing the environment and ensuring its proper management. You will dive into the fragile world of coral reefs, highlighting the harmony between humans and nature: a message that is both urgent and full of hope, to discover and support!

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From 18 July, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco will be hosting the new IMMERSION exhibition: swim without getting wet in the middle of the natural riches of the Great Barrier Reef!

Meet new people

The Australian Great Barrier Reef is one of the richest ecosystems on the planet. Come and discover the beauty of Australian corals through a unique device, a breathtaking exhibition !

Petite fille à l'exposition Immersion - Musée océanographique

Contribute to protecting the ocean

Since the launch of the Museum Festival on 6 June, in a fully digital version (www.fetedumusee.oceano.org) you can become the sponsor of a fish in our aquariums. Choose from among the 5 species offered and participate in supporting the Museum’s aquariums and in our efforts to raise awareness about the protection of marine species.

Come to the Museum as many times as you want for a year!

Become the godfather of a small dogfish, an Aurelia jellyfish, a clownfish, a Banggai cardinalfish or a seahorse, while benefiting from unlimited access to the Oceanographic Museum for one year (valid for one adult and one child under 18).

You will also receive a certificate of sponsorship, the identity card of the chosen animal and newsletters about your sponsored animal several times a year.

Why adopt a fish?

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Practical information COVID-19

for a serene visit of the museum

The entire team of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco is happy to welcome you

For your safety and that of our teams, we have adapted our visiting conditions to facilitate your visit from the time you buy your tickets to the time you leave the Museum: let yourself be guided and enjoy a unique visiting experience in the heart of the ocean.

Let’s live the ocean!

Ticket sales

– ON THE INTERNET: Book your entrance tickets, your animations or your ESCAPE GAME session online.

e-tickets to be presented on your mobile phone directly at the main entrance of the Museum

– ON-SITE: Our ticketing service at the Museum’s ticket offices is still available on the site’s forecourt.

Distancing measures are planned, for the well-being of all.

Your new visiting conditions in all serenity

  • A reorganized reception for your safety: management and respect of the rules of distancing as soon as you arrive on the Oceanographic Museum’s forecourt and materialization of differentiated queues if you have just bought your tickets at the ticket offices or if you already have a ticket bought online.
  • Limited number of visitors for a smoother visit: the Oceanographic Museum has reduced its simultaneous capacity by 50% and reserves the right to close its cash desks in the event of excessive crowds.
  • one-way visitor route for easier discovery: a one-way circulation system has been set up in most of the museum’s spaces to facilitate the management of flows and respect for the rules of distancing.

Some additional information

The conditions of access to the Museum’s Restaurant “La Terrasse” are reviewed for your safety. The number of guests allowed is reduced. To facilitate your reception, we advise you to make reservations by contacting the restaurant on arrival or by calling 00377 93 15 36 16.


We inform you that the restaurant "La Terrasse" is open to visitors.

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